The statutory law was set up in stages. The primary Limitation Act was established for all courts in India in 1859. Lastly appeared as Limitation Act in 1963.

The Code of Civil Procedure gives a privilege to advance, yet does not recommend a time of constraint for documenting an interest. The Limitation Act, 1963, notwithstanding, gives the time of documenting up claims. It expresses that the interests against an announcement or request can be recorded in a High Court inside ninety days and in some other court in thirty days from the date of the declaration or request advanced against.

The ‘Law of Limitation’ recommends as far as possible for various suits inside, which an abused individual can approach the court for review or equity. The suit, if recorded after the investigation of time-restrain, is struck by the law of constraint. It’s fundamentally intended to ensure the long and set up client and to in a roundabout way rebuff people who go into a long sleep over their rights.

What does constraint period or Limitation Act mean?

The law recommends distinctive periods inside which a man who has a grievance ought to go to court. For instance, in the event that some individual has obtained your cash and not returned it, you should approach the court inside three years from the date you loaned the cash. On the off chance that you don’t go to the court inside that time, the courts won’t be of assistance to recoup your cash. This is known as the impediment time frame. After the impediment time frame, you can’t implement your rights in a court. The Limitation Act 1963 endorses diverse restriction periods for various types of cases. Some different Acts, for example, the Consumer Protection Act likewise recommend impediment periods or Limitation Act.

Meaning Of Limitation Act—

Speaks about the Limitation of Suits or for preferring of appeals or for making applications.


  1. interest republicae utsit finis litium—In the Interest of the State, there must be an end to the Litigation.
  2. vigilantibus nor dormiantbus jura, subvenient – Law helps those who are vigilant but not negligent over there rights. ( Law helps those who are awake but not asleep).

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