Team work, team leader and management are all different but inter-related to one another.
Management is said to be the discipline that specializes on maintaining the status quo, conforming to standards and organizing and directing individuals around the boundaries (time, money, quality criteria etc.) that have been set to achieve the task.
Leadership is concerned with setting goals, making improvements to existing ways of working and motivating and leading the team to reaching this new direction.

Leadership is itself a Personal Quality of an Individual. It develops through self-motivation. Leadership is of holding a group of people with their attractive voice and work.
In management, a leader should have both qualities like Higher Education- gives a detailed analysis of every aspect of work and Personal Qualities- like good writing and oral communication, self esteemed body language, good attire, good health, expressive facial expression and self-motivation.

Team Work is not an individual work but working with a team. Developing the organization with confidence. All participants taking equal responsibilities working against the goal with possible efficiency. The goal may be a project work or regular job.
In team work all team members should be in a position to replace each other. That means everyone should know each other work.
Team work is known as dividing the total work into parts. In this everyone will become efficient in their or other work.

Team Leader is a middle management working person. Team leader gathers work from sub-ordinates and reports it to his senior officers. There are two types of level:
1. Junior Level; And
2. Senior Level.
And the responsibilities are also divided into two types:
1. Administration Responsibility – Attendance, Leaves, Permission, Personal, Promotions etc..,
2. Functional Responsibility—Abstracting the quality work affectionately.

MANAGEMENT means Managing five areas of any organization. That is, Materials, Men, Money, Machine, Marketing. All areas working against are goal of the organization is considered as Effective Management.
Effective Management depends on timely taking decisions. Management relies on both areas that is, Responsibility and Authority balancing. Management also requires some Personal Qualities of Leadership, Good communication skills, in depth- working knowledge and finally decision taking capability.
Management lies between reporting and report taking activities. And considered as more responsibility and related authority.

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