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MEANING OF LIMITATION ACT:-   Limitation Act speaks about limitation of suits or for preferring of appeals or for making applications. THE LIMITATION ACT,1963 MAXIMS ON WHICH CONCEPT OF LAW OF LIMITATION ACT IS BASED:   Interest republicae utsit finis litium- In the Interest of the State, there must be an end to the litigation. Read More

The Limitation Act,1963- Section 19

Impact OF PAYMENT ON ACCOUNT OF DEBT OR OF INTEREST ON LEGACY— Section 19 – Part-Payment implies—Making or releasing a piece of the risk. Either to the Principal sum or intrigue. Where portion by ideals of a commitment or of energy on a legacy is made before the pass of the supported period by the Read More


The statutory law was set up in stages. The primary Limitation Act was established for all courts in India in 1859. Lastly appeared as Limitation Act in 1963. The Code of Civil Procedure gives a privilege to advance, yet does not recommend a time of constraint for documenting an interest. The Limitation Act, 1963, notwithstanding, Read More

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